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ShareDocs Enterpriser DMS

Web-based document management with a capability of handling 1 million+ documents per deployment

Seamless organization and easy retrieval of official documents that can be hosted on the cloud, on premises, or as a hybrid model

Manage document repositories at an enterprise level with features like  central repository, restricted folder access, document categorization, tagging and full text search

3 versions - Standard, Office, Pro

Top Features:

Robust Search

Use keywords, metadata fields and content to quickly locate indexed files

Easy Sharing

Fluid, dynamic, and convenient document sharing among DMS and non-DMS users

Secure Storage

Choose from a cloud server storage or a file server from the comfort of your premises or data center.

Insightful Reports

Create customizable in-built dashboards based on data insights.

Strong Security

Set access restrictions and enforce controls to keep documents encrypted, safe, and prevent unauthorized access.


Integrate existing ERP solutions and automation tools like the ShareDocs Workflow tool.

Smart Document Management Solution

ShareDocs Enterpriser DMS
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Seamless Automation & Business Process Streamlining

ShareDocs Enterpriser Workflows

Workflow requisition management tool that facilitates document sharing and collaboration

Great for management of contracts, accounts payable, and frequently recurring processes

Complete customization with the ability to integrate graphical flowcharts and multi-level department approval 


Ability to handle 400+ workflows per deployment

Top Features:

Customizable Workflows

Define approval processes on documents and activities, define workflow steps & information to be captured.


Configurable notifications to alert users at every step of the workflow

Approval Hierarchy

Single workflow,  multiple scenarios, Various levels of users mapped. Helps when the same process is applicable to multiple departments, locations or units within the organization. 

Escalations & TATs

Set TAT for the workflows and configure multi-level escalation matrix

Workflow References

Link documents or previously closed workflows to make collaboration and decision making easier.

Dynamic Dashboards

Gain insights from the processes, on the go.

ShareDocs Enterpriser Workflows

ShareDocs Enterpriser CKYC Management Tool
Stronger compliance & Data uniformity 

  • Maintain central repository of KYC records and official documents

  • Automated compliance with stringent formats for data uniformity

  • Filter existing records prior to submitting to CERSAI

  • Cost-effective automated solutions that help reduce TAT

  • Smart solutions capable of reading and decoding responses shared by CERSAI for ID generation, Probable Match Reconciliation, rejected cases and automating rework of failed records

  • Uses face recognition technology to automatically capture photos and data from application forms and AADHAR cards, irrespective of template

Top features:

  • CERSAI compliant: Built to suit CERSAI guidelines (file types, dimensions, formats etc.)

  • Automation & Integration: Semi-automated segments that reduce overall TAT and have the capability of integrating the financial institution’s database with CERSAI’s database for proper maintenance of documents, CKYC Registry or data 

  • Deduplication:Capable of automatically screening records in Financial Institution’s database as well as CERSAI’s portal to identify duplicate/already existing customer records

  • Web-based: Access information anytime, anywhere. Real-time monitoring for stakeholders and data entry teams on a common platform

  • Scalable & Affordable One-stop solution: Scalable and cost-effective model to suit growing and evolving needs of diverse financial entities.


CKYC in action. Get a demo.

ShareDocs Enterpriser CKYC

Juno Human Resource Information System
Dynamic HR solutions to streamline internal processes and policies and centralize employee records

   Why Juno? Just like NASA’s Spacecraft, Juno HRIS can help stakeholders     have a ground level view of their teams! 


  • Highly customizable and adaptable to existing policies 

  • Empower employees to manage, track and update their own records.

  • Enable employees to capture their attendance, apply for leaves and update their timesheets

  • Create a great first impression through streamlined onboarding formalities

  • Management and handling of employee exits and clearances professionally

Product1 (1png.png

Top  features:

  • User specific dashboard:Take actions and make decisions on the go 

  • Empower Employees: Manage personal and organizational information and ensure optimum productivity

  • Efficient Team Management:From management of policies, reminders, and announcements to compliance and files, empower stakeholders to enable efficient team management

  • Seamless Onboarding & Exits:Create a hassle-free onboarding / joining experience with optimum engagement. Automate employee exit and clearance formalities such as handovers, seamlessly.

  • Access the App: Allow your hybrid team to work from anywhere, while the mobile app helps them take care of their ESS on the go

Get a Demo.

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