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Providing modular digital infrastructure to help businesses deploy the tools they need, from a single place.

Our Capabilities = Our Strengths

At HSS, we use open source technology to develop automation tools. This allows our clients, across categories (high networth to startups, MSMEs), to  implement solutions without the need to purchase expensive product licenses.

How are the applications stacked?



A digital crowd-pleaser, LAMP is one of the most commonly used open source stacks. As a mature and highly customizable set of technologies LAMP helps our web-applications to function at scale, and delivers high performance - all thanks to its lightweight program files.


A new age, OS-independent technology, MEAN empowers our dynamic web applications, allowing us to seamlessly handle high database level traffic. With MEAN, we deliver customized automation to our clients at zap speeds.

We integrate applications with elastic search. This enables a distributed and restful data search and analysis which helps to consolidate and capture data across web applications.


 Our expertise in Ionic, Kotlin, Scala, Java helps us deploy seamless and optimized mobile experiences to our clients, in a way that accompanies our web apps.

Hybrid & Native Android

As a young, flexible, open source compatible developers team, Hridayam Soft Solutions is constantly acquiring new skills, and ready to jump on a new stack.


Get in touch with us today to know how you can strengthen the core of your business.

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